Greater Barton Arts in its first year and one half as a Dolly Parton Imagination Library Affiliate enrolls over 950 children ages 0 to 5 years old in this life changing early literacy program! The books are free to families, but costs GBA @ $2000 each month.
PLEASE Be Generous in Donating to support this program
By ED BARBER Staff Writer Jul 5, 2022 
BARTON – The decision came late, but an Independence Day parade was hosted in the Village of Barton on July 4th. The parade didn’t last long considering the short notice. Nonetheless the streets were lined with appreciative spectators weary of the last two years of pandemic restrictions, masking, and social distancing. Now, with the regulations lifted, people feel free to co-mingle.
This year was mask free and spectators stood together in groups or lined their chairs shoulder to shoulder along the sidewalk. Early arrivals picked choice seating areas in the shade with a clear view of the parade.
It was ladies first on Saturday as the American Legion Auxiliary Post #76 led the parade. The Auxiliary is a separate entity from the American Legion that shares similar values. The Auxiliary was founded in 1919, dedicated to serving veterans and their families.
For decades the Bread and Puppet Theater in Glover has participated in the parade. This year was no different as a large contingent of Bread and Puppet volunteers brought a band, stilt walkers, and a political message to share.


Great news

Greater Barton Arts


Greater Barton Arts has become an affiliate of the Dolly Parton Imagination Library (DPIL) in order to support the early literacy of children from birth to five years. This means that GBA will work with organizations in towns and villages throughout the Northeast Kingdom to enroll eligible children to receive an age-appropriate book each month in their name and mailed to them. This program started over twenty years ago in Pigeon Forge Tennessee is now in five countries and has distributed over 170 Million books. The cost per year is $26! The books are award-winning classics, and contemporary titles, and twice a year are in Spanish and English. Any child is eligible to receive the books which also contain reading tips for parents.  As of October 28, 2021, our status has changed from a “committed affiliate” to an “operational affiliate,” this means that we start ordering books tomorrow for children in at least half a dozen towns and villages in the Kingdom. We have raised $15 Thousand (deposited with the Dollywood Foundation in Pigeon Forge Tennessee)  for this project to make sure it rapidly expands throughout the Kingdom in every one of the fifty-some towns, villages, and gores from Derby Line to Barnet. Because everybody reads in the Kingdom with the Dolly Parton Imagination Library Program. GBA will guarantee that for the first 10 children enrolled in every place in the Kingdom, GBA will pay the full cost of the program for one year.  There are 3045 children in the Northeast Kingdom eligible to receive these quality books delivered to them in their name. To cover them all would cost less than $80 Thousand a year.

 Please donate on our Support GBA Menu above $26/child per year; $130 to cover a child for the full 0 to 5 years; or $260 to fund 10 children for one year or two children for five years, or any amount you choose. We will recognize donations in these amounts and make sure they are credited to the Imagination Library. Please donate generously to this worthwhile endeavor.

To instantly register your child go online to:

and enter the child’s zip code and requested information.

Online registration is preferred. To download a paper form click here: DPIL Registration Form